Professors Who Know You

A young graduate stands with her professor for a picture.If there’s one single most important thing we’d want you to think about as you consider your college options, it’s this: what kind of relationships do you expect to have with your professors?


We want you to keep this question in mind, because we know that professors can do so much more for their students than simply stand up in front of a room and lecture and hold office hours one afternoon a week.

Our professors choose to work at Lutheran colleges and universities, where the focus is on undergraduate education rather than graduate programs or big grant-funded research projects, because their first love is teaching – and advising, mentoring, counseling, sharing a cup of coffee with you after class, directing independent studies, taking student groups overseas, writing job and grad school recommendations and even having you over to dinner with their families.

BlueState University Alumni

RedLutheran Alumni

I had many small classes with fewer than 20 students.

Faculty at my college were interested in students personally as well as academically.

I had professors who challenged me, but helped me meet those challenges.

I had conversations with professors outside of the classroom.

I had a professor who was a mentor.

I found a mentor in college.