Grow in Mind and Spirit

A small group of students discuss with a professor in his office.
As you come to a new stage in your life, it is likely that you will face many challenges and enormous changes during the upcoming years. During these times, the environment in which you surround yourself can be critical to who you will become.

A Place to Call Home

At a Lutheran college, you can have the reassurance that you will find yourself in a supportive and close community that seeks to care for your whole wellbeing – mind, body and spirit. We want you to be a complete person with a healthy curiosity that makes you stronger. In this safe environment, you will be free to question, explore and solidify your own spiritual beliefs and moral views.

BlueState University Alumni

RedLutheran Alumni

There was a strong sense of community among students.

My college had an emphasis on personal values and ethics.

College was effective in helping me develop moral principles to guide my actions.

Good Times with Good People

A confident young man poses for a picture on the bleachers.

Liberal arts colleges attract the kind of student who wants to develop his or her character both in and out of the classroom. During spirited discussions in psychology class or late-night talks in the dorm lounge, the conversations you share with those around you will be both many and integral to creating your worldview. Liberal arts students also engage in a curriculum that applies ethics to all fields of study, teaching students to observe the world through a critical lens that promotes each individual’s responsibility to him or herself, his or her own community, the global community and the Earth.