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A young woman carefully catalogs old books in the library.LECNA has completed several major research initiatives on behalf of our member colleges and universities. Together, these projects have provided us with data that demonstrates the exceptional value our colleges and universities provide to their students and alumni.

The summaries below are intended to provide relevant data for students and parents as they progress through the college search process. They are also designed for our member institutions to use as they develop their own institution-specific communications. We believe they make a compelling case for the strength of Lutheran higher education.

LECNA was the first college consortium to conduct comparative alumni research of this type. The findings were so compelling that many others (Council of Independent Colleges, Great Lakes Private Colleges Association, Annapolis Group, National Catholic College Admissions Association, to name a few) engaged in similar research.


As with the initial 2000 research, LECNA completed a comprehensive assessment of Lutheran college and university graduates and again compared them to graduates of public flagship universities. Not only did our colleges and universities continue to outperform in areas we believe are important (small class sizes, committed faculty members, student mentoring and faith development), more-recent graduates found greater value in their Lutheran college and university experiences than did graduates from a decade ago.

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