Register for a College Fair

SetUp and Scheduled Hours

Please make plans to set up your display approximately 30 minutes before the fair begins. Fairs will begin and end at different times in each city depending upon traffic issues and our overall program, so please review the final schedule online for details.


A College Fair Registration Agreement will be sent out in July for the fall events and in November for the spring events.

Please bear in mind our policy that your registrations on this form are the basis for which we determine whether to offer events or not.

As such, they are binding. We will plan for the participation of your college or university. If you register for an event and later cancel, you will still be charged for that registration. You can add events at any time by contacting Laurie directly or returning to our online form and adding your event, then submitting the form. Please complete our registration form as soon as possible.

Registration Fees

This year’s registration fee per college fair will be $175 for member LECNA colleges and universities and $210 for non-member LECNA colleges and universities. The time allowed at a Lutheran College Fair for in-depth personal conversations with potential students is much greater than that of most fairs. And, our college fair effectiveness study recently demonstrated that 75% of students attending our events matriculate at our colleges and universities.

We estimate the per event fee since the overall cost of running the Lutheran College Fair program is contingent upon the number of colleges participating in the events. You will be billed in early fall for $175 per event and will be assessed a publicity fee of $675 per year which covers advertising to pastors, youth leaders, high school counselors and your prospects. If you decide to add any events throughout the year, you will be billed in early spring for those additional events.

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