During high school, Peter was a good student – but not a great one. With a GPA of 2.9, he wasn’t at the top of his class – and he worried that he would not be able to afford the Lutheran university that was his first choice.

Active in his congregation, Peter hoped that kind of service and action would be recognized and rewarded by the Lutheran university in his home state. The financial aid package he received, which included scholarship recognition of his church commitments as well as a state grant, made it possible for Peter to attend his first choice university.

Financial Profile

Expected Family Contribution = $12,751
Family Size: 4 (one in college)
Family Income: $68,810
Assets: $2,500

The Financial Aid Package
College Scholarship: $14,000
Lutheran Heritage Scholarship: $1,000
College Grant: $6,500
Work Study: $2,400
Student Loans: $5,500
Total Financial Aid: $29,400