When Katherine began her college search, she knew that she wanted to play college volleyball and get a first-rate education. A Lutheran college fit perfectly. As a Division III member of its athletic conference, her college participates in a combination of 19 varsity sports, including women’s volleyball.

The success of the volleyball program and the college’s academic reputation were the deciding factors for Katherine, not finances. Her GPA of 3.25 and ACT score of 24 put Katherine in the middle range of accepted students at the college she chose. Katherine’s parents were determined to allow her to choose based on her own terms.

Financial Profile

Expected Family Contribution = $21,266
Family Size: 4 (one in college)
Family Income: $120,000
Assets: $0

The Financial Aid Package
College Grant: $9,000
College Need-based Grant: $8,878
Stafford Loan: $5,500
Student Employment: $2,000
Total Financial Aid: $25,378

With a financial aid package of over $25,000, not only could Katherine now choose the college she wanted, but her parents felt satisfied about her choice as well.