A student with excellent high school preparation, Anna and her parents thought they would not qualify for any financial aid. In fact, Anna had resigned herself to considering only her state’s big public university. Anna’s strong qualifications (an ACT score of 31, a gpa of 3.5, and ranking in the top 5% of her high school class) made her a prime candidate for an academic scholarship. Anna knew she wanted to attend a college where she would be challenged academically but also receive mentoring and support from faculty advisors.

Financial Profile

Expected Family Contribution = $32,000
Family Size: 4 (two in college, including Anna)
Family Income: $210,000
Assets: $298,000
Anna’s Income: $445
Anna’s Assets: $420

The Financial Aid Package
Merit Scholarship: $18,000
Student Loan (interest not subsidized): $5,500
Student Employment: $2,300
Total Financial Aid: $25,800

Anna’s total financial aid package of $25,800 made the Lutheran college she preferred a sound financial alternative to her Big State U.