A Lutheran Education is Affordable

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You may be worrying about how your family will pay college tuition and fees. You know that our Lutheran colleges and universities offer great educational value, but will you be able to afford it? It’s tempting to compare private college and public university tuition, and assume that you just can’t afford a private education. Don’t jump to that conclusion without looking a little deeper.

Aid is Abundant

Over three quarters of Lutheran college and university students, at all income levels, receive financial aid – much of it in grants and scholarships that do not have to be repaid. At some Lutheran colleges and universities as many as 80 percent receive financial aid – with individual institutions offering grants that average from $8,000 to $16,000 per year. Never assume your household income makes you ineligible for financial aid.

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I received a grant or scholarship to help pay for college.

Aid Based on YOU

Most Lutheran colleges and universities also offer a variety of scholarships that are not based on financial need, but instead reward a student’s academic achievement or talent in a particular area, or support specific career goals.

Change Happens

Our financial aid officers know that a family’s financial situation can change suddenly, with job change or loss, or unexpected medical expenses. They’ll work with you to ensure that your son or daughter’s education is not interrupted.

Done in Four Years

A high percentage of public university students take five or more years to graduate, paying more of that “cheaper” tuition, and foregoing a year or more of income – which now averages around $30,000 for a recent college graduate. The vast majority of Lutheran college students graduate in four years, saving a year or more in tuition, and entering the workforce sooner.

I graduated in four years or fewer.

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Most financial aid awards include student loans – but with low interest rates, long repayment periods and payment deferral while the student is in college, these loans do not create an unmanageable burden. At one prominent Lutheran university, for example, the average total debt for loan recipients who graduated in 2001 was $18,000. Under a typical repayment plan, this works out to $215 per month, or about eight percent of the average graduate’s $30,000 salary.

Start Thinking Early

The earlier you start thinking about paying for college, the better. There’s a wide variety of saving and financing options that could bring a Lutheran college education within reach, including Private College 529 Plan.

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