LECNA’s Mission

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It is the mission of the Lutheran Educational Conference of North America to be an informed voice of Lutheran higher education and an active and effective standard-bearer for North American church-related higher education.


As a respected and significant association of Lutheran colleges, universities and church bodies, LECNA’s goals are:

  1. To proclaim the traditions and values of Lutheran higher education and to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all matters.
  2. To conduct valuable, usable research for the benefit and use of the association, membership and the church bodies.
  3. To promote collaboration and collaborative efforts among the membership.

Choir sings in front of stained glass windows.Activities

In an effort to accomplish these goals, LECNA staff will strive to engage in the following activities:

  1. Provide leadership development opportunities for Lutheran college and university presidents and administrators, and assist in the identification and preparation of individuals currently serving at our colleges and universities who have the potential to serve in an administrative capacity.
  2. Conduct, in conjunction with our member church bodies’ divisions of higher education, an annual meeting for presidents, church leaders and members of affiliated organizations designed to address issues of Lutheran faith, our institutions’ roles in society, current best practices and matters of national and international importance that are of interest to the membership. In addition, each annual meeting should provide frequent opportunities for the presidents and their spouses to interact with fellow colleagues and spouses.

What We Do