Become a Champion

Six graduation hats float in the air above their graduates.

It’s the small things that make the most impact, especially when students are navigating the intimidating waters of the college application process. You, as a LECNA Champion, can play an invaluable part in helping students connect with colleges and universities that focus on educating the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Thanks to the support of our member colleges and universities and a grant from the Thrivent Foundation, LECNA is proud to host this website, which gives you access to all the resources you will need to be a champion of Lutheran higher education. You can learn about our 41 member institutions, find language to describe the collective values of our coalition, brush up on statistics from LECNA’s in-depth research on the value of Lutheran higher education, and trade ideas with other Champions in our interactive forum. While doing so, remember the impact of Lutheran colleges and universities, and help us spread the word. It will be well worth your time.


LECNA has organized a network of Champions to facilitate the interaction between supporters of Lutheran higher education and qualified prospective students and families interested in faith-based colleges and universities.

A young man explains a concept in front of a chalkboard.The impact of Lutheran college and university alumni in our church bodies is tremendous. Not only do they serve in official capacities as bishops, pastors, youth ministers and other formal church leaders, but they also seek lay leadership positions in their home congregations and local communities.

LECNA Champions will work both closely and informally with students and families to help them realize the unique value provided by our member colleges and universities and to help them make connections with a variety of pan-Lutheran institutions. We are looking for volunteers who believe in the value offered by the Lutheran colleges and universities, are willing to serve as a guide to them and who can make a stressful process seem manageable.

We hope that each Champion will volunteer between five and ten hours a year to advance LECNA’s cause. The impact of the program will be felt by the large number of volunteers we engage and not by the overwhelming efforts of any individual.

Lutheran colleges and universities have produced thousands of satisfied alumni, who are utilizing a broad-based education framed by Lutheran values of inquiry and faith to serve their communities and organizations. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect the next generation of leaders to our member institutions.

Young woman smiles as she enjoys class on the lawn.


To help the right students find a good match at one of the Lutheran colleges or universities and to spread the word about the unique values provided by these institutions.


Champions Should be Prepared to:

  • Place the best interests of each student over the needs of the consortium or any given institution.
  • Represent the breadth and depth of Lutheran higher education in a consistently positive manner.
  • Place the interests of the consortium over any individual institution.
  • Be sensitive to the financial challenges confronting families as they plan for college.
  • Treat student concerns with care and respect and in a Christian manner.
  • Be prepared to connect students and families with professional admissions and financial aid staff at member institutions.


We believe there are many ways in which our Champions can interact with students and families. Our basic expectation is that each Champion will devote between five and ten hours of direct support a year. Activities CAN include any of the following, or other appropriate contacts with students, parents and congregations:

  • Encourage students to sign up to receive additional information from the consortium at
  • Organize a Lutheran College Sunday at your home congregation.
  • Pursue one-on-one conversations with students and parents.
  • Check in with students after their Lutheran college or university visits.
  • Encourage youth ministers and other church staff to be advocates of Lutheran higher education.
  • Encourage development of congregational scholarship programs for students attending Lutheran colleges and universities.
  • Encourage discussion of the meaning and values provided by a faith-based education (important for students and adults alike).

The power of the Champions program will be realized when students have consistent exposure to the idea of a Lutheran-based education. Our expectation is not that every volunteer spend hours and days convincing students to attend a member college; instead, we believe that occasional events, informal conversations, and a Champion’s willingness to discuss the opportunities in Lutheran higher education will allow students to give thoughtful consideration to our colleges and universities.

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